Artists in Our Midst

West of Main Art Walk 
Preview Gala & Sale /Open Studio Tour
Roundhouse Community Centre/participating artists’ studios, Vancouver, BC

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Earlier this month, 60 local visual artists opened up their studios to the public for the the 27th annual West of Main Art Walk. The event was presented by Artists in Our Midst, a group of artists on the west side of Vancouver. I’m sharing just a few highlights of the many works that appealed to me at the May 9th Preview Gala and during my studio visits over the weekend.

Olga Campbell – Another Voice

Olga Campbell‘s figurative abstract paintings were among my favourite pieces at the event. I love the gorgeous combinations of bold colours, the rough, broad strokes, and the raw, emotive quality captured in Campbell’s work. Visit her website to see more of her work, including stunning mixed media pieces and digital collages:

Nancy Walker – Rabbit

I was stopped in my tracks when I came across this gem of a rabbit by Nancy Walker – a gorgeous clay sculpture filled with tons of character. Not surprising that this piece sold right away (however, Walker does take commissions!). I was also charmed by her spotted Wonder Dogs. You can find more of her work on her website:

Some adorable 2-D animals crossed my path as well. I was immediately enamoured by the fantastic and quirky cat paintings of Rae Maté. Maté, who is also a children’s book illustrator, has created a whole cast of feline characters with the best expressions! I recommend a visit to her website to see them all (and her crocodiles too!): When you’re there, check out the wonderful abstracted landscapes, flowers, and portraits she paints as well.

Rae Maté – Tough Guy

Finally, I was taken with Joanne Brown’s accordion book of lino cut prints, The Mask You Wear. I’m always interested to see art presented in original ways and these prints seem particularly well-suited to this form. Great colours and bold images that look stunning side-by-side. You can see more of Brown’s work here.

Joanne Brown
The Mask You Wear

Attending events like this, and coming across new-to-me artists (yes, right in my midst!) whose work I love, always provides me with a dose of inspiration and often sparks new ideas for my own creative work.

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