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The House of Smalls

Anyone who knows me, knows I love small things. And I work small. So I immediately fell in love with The House of Smalls, a “Doll House Art Project” created by Amy Oliver. Amy is a UK-based artist who established the The House of Smalls in November 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s a bit of background on the project in Amy’s words:

“Whilst the virtual galleries which sprang up during the worldwide lockdowns and restrictions were a great concept and provided access to art in the absence of open venues, I became frustrated by the repetitive and formulaic construct and really wanted to somehow create an online interactive space for physical work to join the already established independent digital online shows and those forced online by the extraordinary circumstances. A unique space for unique art.

So I bought a house.

A very small house.”

The House (House I)
A ‘Before’ close-up

Then began the intricate process of renovating the house….

An amazing transformation..

Check out the House of Smalls website and Instagram to see more photos of the renovation process.

‘Facing It’ was the first exhibition at The House of Smalls. It took place in Dec 2020 / Jan 2021 and addressed the physical, mental, and emotional effects of the 2020 pandemic and lockdowns.

‘Facing It’

Visit The House of Smalls online gallery of the exhibition to see images of the artwork up close and learn about the artists. You can also watch a quick video clip of the opening night.

The second exhibition, ‘The Portrait Within’, just opened and takes place in another doll house renovated by Amy (House II). It “isn’t a true portrait show nor a question of identity but rather about the hidden self.” It’s an international show featuring 35 artists and runs from February 20 until March 21, 2021.

‘The Portrait Within’

[Full disclosure, I have a piece in this show. But I was inspired to write a blog post after such a long time because I adore The House of Smalls – both the idea and its execution.]

You can view the virtual gallery of ‘The Portrait Within’ and watch this incredible video of the ‘opening reception’ (~3 mins long). Aside from a few tiny visitors, the exhibition is only viewable online!

A gallery visitor contemplating work from ‘Facing It’
Barbara enjoying the ‘between shows’ show of Scott Bookman’s (@ttocsnamkoob) fantastic ‘Unknown People Trading Cards’

[Photo and video credit: Amy Oliver]


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