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I created this site as a central place to collect and reflect on sources of inspiration that have relevance to my creative process. Since starting this site, I have found myself paying more attention to inspiration I happen upon naturally – being more mindful not only of what inspires me, but also how it inspires me. I am hoping that others may find some valuable information and inspiration on this site as well.

Sources of Inspiration

I don’t have any formal art training, but I am constantly learning and being influenced by the many resources and sources of creative inspiration all around me – books, visual art, films, theatre, music, community events (workshops, panels, readings, etc.), calls for submissions, social media art challenges, as well as artists I’ve come to know, to name a few.

Personal Interests

The specific sources I am drawn to in the above-listed broad categories are, of course, influenced by the type of creative work I do and my personal areas of interest.

My main forms of creative expression are writing and visual art. Specific forms of interests within these categories include creative nonfiction, memoir, poetry, comics, collage, and mixed media.

My art is influenced by many aspects of my identity and background, both personal and professional. I have a particular interest is the numerous intersections between arts and health. Other interests (in both life and art) include animals and humour.

Posting Details

My goal is to share notable resources, ideas, and inspiration, along with short reflections on what resonated most with me. I plan to keep posts relatively short, as I know most people are busy and overloaded with information. This also makes it more likely that I will be able to post in a relatively timely manner (i.e., close to when I “experience” a given re(source)). Chronic illness makes for a certain amount of unpredictability, so it’s difficult to have a fixed posting schedule, but I will aim for at least once a month.

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