A thought-provoking read…

Why Art?
by Eleanor Davis (2018)

Why Art? is a graphic novel, written and illustrated by Eleanor Davis. Davis combines great visuals and humour to create a work that is not only philosophical and thought-provoking, but also fun to read. There isn’t (of course) a definitive answer to the titular question, but the book is an intriguing exploration of possibilities:  Continue reading “A thought-provoking read…”

A seriously funny hamster

The Diary of Edward the Hamster
by Miriam Elia & Ezra Elia

“Why write? Life is a cage of empty words.”

I love the originality and humour of this book, as well as the bold black-and-white illustrations. It is the kind of graphic novel that I most enjoy reading – visually not too busy in terms of text or image, and it manages to be funny and deep at the same time.
Continue reading “A seriously funny hamster”

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